The Town is Asking, Will You Answer Or Complain Later?

Below I have three current ‘public engagement’ efforts by the town. Will you participate or will you just complain about something you didn’t care about until negative comments showed up on your social media feed, or word of mouth?


One (of many) reasons I deleted my Facebook account is that I noticed that many people on social media ‘beak off’ about complaints they have about the town, even when the town (such as with King Street Rejuvenation) have gone to great lengths to meet the needs of as many townsfolk and businesses as possible, or where the town has published on social media, on the town’s engagement website as well the town’s main website information and requests for public input, and gotten little
or no response, and even then have attempted to pay attention to the input they did get.

Now, if there are a great many people who agree on a particular response, and make their opinion known, and their opinion is ignored, then complaining and concern is warranted. In addition the town has an
E-Service System, and if folks are not using that and complaining on social media, that concerns or complaints are not being addressed, it’s a bit foolish. If you’re going to complain, it helps to complain to those who can actually fix the issue. If, one does that, and does not get a reasonable response (reasonable is not based on whether or not one likes the response), then there is a legitimate reason to complain about the town. If the response is reasonable from the jurisdiction or capabilities of the town, but not an acceptable response, then one needs to escalate as appropriate. Adding the social media vomitorium is not productive or beneficial to one’s mental health, or that of others.

Where the Town is Looking for Input Right Now

Please, at Least Try Before You Complain

In recent years the town (staff and council) has been making a large effort to find out what folks are thinking, and get public input in important decisions. Please, at least try to use the available mechanism instead of complaining in an echo chamber where this is no one who can or will change anything. Maybe you’ll do both, and even that would be better than just ‘going off’ without actually trying.

Yes, I’m Frustrated

I got caught up in the complaints and negative views, and I’m annoyed that it’s taken me a while to realize how much it was negative nonsense (to use a polite terminology), and that I viewed members of council and staff through an unwarranted negative lens.

In short I think the ultimate complaint most people have is that they want everything but don’t want to pay for it. This is where a reality check comes in, and we we need to remember TANSTAAFL (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch).

‘nough said.

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